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Comments in quotes are from my surveyor, Peter Minkwitz, who is a well regarded surveyor on the US west coast.

"The length of this model is variously listed as 45'3" and 48'0". The first 30 boats of this model were reportedly shorter. This is Hull No. 29. 45'1" was measured from the aft point of the reverse transom to the face of the squared deck extension under the bow roller."

So the true length would be the distance from the "face of the squared deck extension" to the end of the roller. The pulpit may extend beyond this point. For practical purposes I regard the length to be slightly over 46'. I think the only thing that changed during the production run of the Maramu is how the marketing department at Amel listed the length.

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I have a small question, maybe someone can help me.
I own the Maramu #155 and need to know the exactly measurment of it.
On my Boat paper it is written 14.19m/3.90m but on many other Maramu's
that I see on the Internet the size is different.
I am not near the yacht so I can not measure it....
Can someone tell me if this size is correct?

Thanks a lot in advance

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