Engine Motor Mounts

LaFrance <pflafrance@...>

Our 2 aft motor engine mounts require replacement. Our engine is a 75 HP Yanmar. The mounts are the rubber donout type under the frame that supports the engine and drive train. We noted that these apear to be the same mounts used on other Super Maramus with the Perkins engine.
Our engine has 5,000 Hrs and the allignment from the transmission is out a tad which is causing the engine to vibrate.
1. Our first question does anyone know of where we can obtain the rubber mounts, who makes them and can they be sourced in the USA? Amel is closed for vacation now.
2. Has anyone replaced the mounts an if so what procedure did you use??

Paul & Sue LaFrance
SV NOMAD SM # 362 currently in Booth Bay, Maine

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