Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Bali Hai SM319 A good nights sleep

Ian Shepherd <g4ljf@...>

Dear Anne and John,

Thank you for the further info on the aft cabin storage. I did not realize that one of the bunks in the aft cabin can be converted into a double, (like the fore cabin I suspect), as both my boats have been made with the fixed double layout.

As a live aboard most of the time, space is always at a premium, even on an Amel. I discarded many other makes of yachts due to lack of storage space. When I sold my first SM 2000 after two and a quarter years, I was astounded at just how much junk I had collected in such a short time. It would never have squeezed into many boats on the market.

I use the space under the fixed double for spare duvets, towels, sheets etc and my first boat had a secure locker built in there too. Congratulations on your ingenious conversion. To be able to put everything back to manufacturers specification is mostly a bonus when it comes to selling.

I must admit that I have never been able to sleep in the aft cabin underway. The noise from the autopilot linear ram is just too irritating. It would be great if there was room enough to use some engine room sound insulation around that area. Sailing mostly single handed, I close the aft bulkhead door and use the companion way berth where it is much quieter and I can be woken by the radar alarm should an intruder come too close. I have an Autohelm remote control clipped to the wall by the bunk to deal with any alarms and to keep an eye on progress and wind conditions should something feel not right, and also a hand held VHF so that I can switch the main VHF off when sleeping. The handheld on Ch 16 will pick up someone close enough who may wish to communicate without being woken by far off traffic. I can also look around the bulkhead at my laptop which I angle towards the bunk. The Nobeltec display is easily seen, though I am considering installing a mirror so that I can view the laptop and the radar without cricking my neck!

Fair Winds



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