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Craig Briggs

Hi Ric,
I'm sure Richard can help out and there are many posts on this DB about changing the lip seals on these "C" drives. Coincidentally, I doing mine today and the top seal is also leaking. The seals are all inexpensive stock items - be sure to specify stainless springs for the lower ones underwater.

The lower ones are 45mm - 65mm and Amel's shop drawing says to use either three 8mm thick seals or two at 12mm. With three, Amel says put the first two with the cupped side facing in toward the oil and the last one facing out to the sea water. With two 12mm the first goes facing the oil the the outer faces the sea water. Rather than buying a new "wearing out bearing", you can have any machine shop just dress the wearing surface to smooth out the old grooves. And some folks have been going with stainless - search this site for those discussions.

There's only one upper seal and it's 60 x 90 x 10. You'll have to uncouple the drive shaft and schooch the engine back a bit.

Have fun,
Craig Briggs - s/v Sangaris; SN#68 - in Partheni Boatyard on Leros, Gr

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I have ..Santorin with ...
seawater mixing with the oil ..and ..leaking at the seal
near the bilge. ..
Ric Gottschalk
Bali Hai SN24

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