Re: Engine Motor Mounts

Craig Briggs

Hi Paul & Sue,

Regarding your 2nd question and the vibration, I've replaced the mounts
(happened to be in LaRochelle at the time so got them from Amel) and,
although I've got a Santorin, I believe the SM construction is similar.
That is, as you noted, both the engine and "C" drive are bolted to a
rigid angle iron frame and the so-called "engine mounts" are fastened to
that frame so the whole assembly "floats" as one.

I unbolted the "engine mounts" from the frame and floor stringers and
then hoisted each corner of the engine frame with a halyard, one at a
time, slipped out the old mount and slid in the new. No need to touch
the engine bolts, although it may be easier to pop out the engine first
because the bolts are tough to get to (maybe easier on the SM than the
SN). By the way, and it's probably your plan, replacing all the mounts,
not just the two "bad" ones seems the right call, since you're into it

Your vibration issue is interesting. In my case the new "engine mounts"
helped a lot. If it doesn't and you do indeed have a misalignment of the
transmission with the "C" drive, there is some "wiggle" room in the
bolts holding the engine to the frame. I've pulled my engine a few
times and when I put it back I drop in the bolts and just start the nuts
on a couple of turns. Then I "horse" the engine around a bit to be sure
the bolts are happy. Next I take a "feeler" gauge to the
transmission/"C" drive coupling and wiggle the engine around a bit by
hand to be sure it's well in line, before tightening up the engine
bolts. A couple of times I've actually gone back after a few hours of
engine time, and loosened, then retightened the bolts - may not have
been necessary but it made me feel better.

It'll be interesting to hear how yours works out - do post an update.

Craig Briggs, s/v Sangaris, SN#68, on the hard in Leros, Greece doing
the cruiser's "Sail 'n Fix".

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... engine mounts require replacement... and the allignment from the
transmission is out a tad which is causing the engine to vibrate.
1. ...where we can obtain the ...mounts
2. Has anyone replaced the mounts and if so what procedure did you

Paul & Sue LaFrance
SV NOMAD SM # 362 currently in Booth Bay, Maine

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