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Ian Shepherd <g4ljf@...>

Hi Stephan,

interesting to read that you too get wet sails when stowed up front. When I arrived in Greenland after a lively crossing from Ireland, I found several inches of water in the forward lockers. I just do not believe that those thin walled seals that crush too easily and which have folds in the corners are man enough for the job. They may keep the rain out, but when the bow buries itself into a wave, they just cannot cope. I have removed the bung in the port side locker to minimize the problem, though this will comprise flotation, though with the seals as they are, I wonder how much real buoyancy there would be if the bow was submerged?

I have emailed Amel and suggested that a firmer molded seal is needed on the bow lockers, and the safety locker too, but so far, no response. If anyone has found a solution to this problem, then please let us know.

Fortunately, the colours on the new ballooner and staysail do not seem to run when wet like they did with the previous boat. Putting a grate in each locker would at least keep the stowed items out of the water that sloshes about.

Ian Shepherd

SM 2000 # 414 "Crusader"

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