Re: Genoa sheets and runaway winches

John Hollamby <annejohnholl@...>

Hello Craig,
On the Super Maramu the breakers for the anchor and the other electric winches are separate so that should not be a problem. In ten years we have never made this boo boo before and nor have we ever switched the winches off...ever. From now on we shall allways turn them off when we stop as we do with the instruments. I was astonished nothing broke as the forestay was pulled a long way back.
Lesson learned.

Best wishes from the Ionian, Anne and John, SM319

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Good "head's up" and whilst we don't have electric winches on our
Santorin, we have occasionally activated the furlers and anchor windlass
by setting things on the switches when moored or at anchor. Have tried
to get in the habit of turning off the main breaker when done sailing -
does that also deactivate the electric winches on a SM? Granted, we
sometimes forget to turn it back on when hoisting anchor, but it's a
small nuisance.

Cheers, Craig Briggs - "Sangaris" - SN#68

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.....the port winch started running of its own accord ...

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