Re: [Amel] Re: Genoa sheets and runaway winches


If the winches are turned off at the 24v panel, does that shut off all possiblity of the winches running, or do you have to turn them off at their individual breakers or even the primary 24v breaker at the battery bank?
We've always turned them off at the 24v panel, but now I'm questioning if that's enough.
As for taking someone up the mast, turning the winches off when at the top of the mast is a great idea too.  We need to know where the closest fail-safe switch is that can be thrown in the event of a runaway.
Craig (Sangaris) taught me to tie the secondary safety line off at the halyard winch and use a rolling hitch to move up and down that line.  With the real possiblilty of runaway winch, I will now ALWAYS use that method instead of using the two jib winches together for my primary and secondary lines.
What would you recommend I purchase as a method of going up the mast without relying on the winches (ie if I were single-handing)? There are several products on the market that I'd like to hear some feedback on.  Perhaps that's the best way to go up every timye!?
Scary, huh?!
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