Mizzen Ballooner

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Good news...

We had a sock (snuffer) installed on our Mizzen Ballooner. What a difference in setting and snuffing. A few days ago, we used it with the snuffer for the first time with the wind on the beam and at 15kts.

Try it and you will use the Mizzen Ballooner a lot more...great when wind is at 90 to 150 degrees. It will give you a gain of 1-2kts in 15kts of wind.

I do not know if this is correct, but we always set the ballooner with the main to the outside of the ballooner...seems to work better and not get blanketed by the main, but when the wind is on the beam it seems that the main is too far out possibly spilling a lot of air. Your thoughts on this would be appreciated as the Amel manual does not address the position of the main.


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