Re: Mizzen Ballooner

Craig Briggs

--- Judy and Bill aboard SV BeBe" wrote:
Good news... sock (snuffer) ..on Mizzen Ballooner.
.. (It).. will give .. a gain of 1-2kts in 15kts of wind.

I do not know if this is correct, but we always set the ballooner with the main to the outside of the ballooner...seems to work better and not get blanketed by the main, but when the wind is on the beam it seems that the main is too far out possibly spilling a lot of air. Your thoughts on this would be appreciated as the Amel manual does not address the position of the main.
BeBe, SM2k, #387

Hi Bill,
You are absolutely correct - the "foc d'artimon" - "jib of the mizzen" indeed flies inside the main. We call ours "Little Artie" and he's like a little turbocharger - watch out for "whip-lash" as you accelerate! (Well, a little hyperbole is allowed!)

Start trimming from the bow with the "foc" and work aft. And remember the racers mantra - "when in doubt, let it out". Use the boom vang on the main to crank it down and you'll be surprised how far out it will trim and still be effective.

In the 15 kts of wind you mentioned, the main delvelops max power off the leach, and a little softness at the luff isn't an issue - even to the point of a bit of flutter.

Then move on to "Little Artie" and let him out past luffing, then trim him in till he's just drawing - I've got telltales on him so I can see when I've got attached flow on both side. Finish up with the Artimon - Mizzen, which will be on a close reach, because all the wind coming from the bow is being bent closer to the boat as it flows past the first three sails.

And Bob's your Uncle!

Cheers, Craig Briggs aboard "SANGARIS" SN#68, in Leros, Greece.

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