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eric freedman

I am heading away for a week but I have an original Amel drawing and some
photos of a staysail with furler for the Amel Super Maramu

Please send me a mote sept 1 and I will send you the photos.

Fair Winds


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Sent: Monday, August 22, 2011 12:44 AM
Subject: [Amel] headsail idea

I'm thinking about building an upwind sail when things slow down a bit this
winter. It would be flown from a Dyneema stay. I'm thinking the stay could
possibly be lashed to the foredeck cleat. I have no idea if this factoid is
true but I read that the original concept with the huge foredeck cleat is
that the boat could be lifted with a 3 point harness using that cleat for
the forward attachment.

Since the effective J of this sail would be small-ish I'm thinking about
building it with some battens so we can have some positive roach. The sail
would stow in a zipper bag secured to the rail so the battens would not make
it too tough to stow.

If anyone has tried something similar or has some ideas to offer, I'd love
to hear them. Not sure yet what I'll use for material.

I'm thinking this would be a really useful sail if we were doing a passage
like Hawaii to the west coast. When we built the genoa the idea was to
create a really good reaching and downwind sail for use with the balooner.
So the genoa isn't all that great upwind.

Not sure what we'd do for sheeting yet. Anyhow, love to hear ideas if you
have any.


Dave Benjamin
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