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With reference to the attachment of a solent/inner forestay here are my thought for what they are worth.
I have modified my last four boats to incorporate an inner forestay from which to fly a hanked on working jib and storm jib because I too am concerned about poor upwind performance with the genoa. Additionally I want an easy way to set a storm sail and have a backup should the furling gear fail.
Selden make a fitting 517-911-01 which is suitable for 8mm wire. I imagine that your forestay is least 10mm or more but I am sure that 8mm would be fine. I used this set up on my Oceanis 440 which had a 12mm forestay and a 630sq ft genoa. The spar manufacturers, Z Spars specified this fitting for the boat and 8mm wire. It worked well.
The fitting is easily mounted at about 300mm below the masthead and therefore does not require running backstays. On our Sharki I was going to take the lower end to the large mooring cleat but eventually mounted a double folding deck fitting just aft of the cleat which is through bolted to a stainless bracket which is in turn fastened to the dividing bulkhead in the deck locker. It is tensioned with a standard turnbuckle fitted with drop nosed pins. I have used a Seasure quick release tensioner previously but have come to the conclusion that it was not necessary as I tend to set the inner stay up before going offshore and have the working jib hanked on and stowed at deck level ready to hoist.
As far as sheeting goes we have the Barbarossa/Harken genoa cars with the wide aluminium sheave which is wide enough to take two lines. I have both the genoa sheets and jib sheets permanently led through the cars and the jib sheet led though an additional turning block mounted above the original toe rail block.
The sheeting angle on the both working and storm jibs will allow the sheets to be led inboard of the shrouds which may help a little with windward ability although I have not had the opportunity to try this in the real world!
I have fitting instructions in PDF format is you would like a copy.
Sharki 181 Zephyr
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We have an Isomat mast with the solent stay attached to the masthead fitting. The forestay has a Profurl unit.


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Do you have the Nirvana genoa furler installed with the "cage" up at the top of the mast? If so, I'm curious to know where and how the solent is attached to the mast. I don't think your solent stay was original equipment but it's certainly an excellent addition. We prefer to attach the stay as high as as we can for a number of reasons, one of them being a higher aspect sail will be more efficient than a lower aspect sail.

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Popeye (Maramu #91) has a solent stay which attaches with a pelican hook to a "D ring" type arrangement that is part of the stainless bow fitting but a few inches behind the forestay. It easily attaches out of the way to a D ring by the shrouds when not in use. I thought this is original equipment. Very handy for a variety of hank on sails and also in a crisis if there is a problem with the forestay.


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I'm thinking about building an upwind sail when things slow down a bit this winter. It would be flown from a Dyneema stay. I'm thinking the stay could possibly be lashed to the foredeck cleat. I have no idea if this factoid is true but I read that the original concept with the huge foredeck cleat is that the boat could be lifted with a 3 point harness using that cleat for the forward attachment.

Since the effective J of this sail would be small-ish I'm thinking about building it with some battens so we can have some positive roach. The sail would stow in a zipper bag secured to the rail so the battens would not make it too tough to stow.

If anyone has tried something similar or has some ideas to offer, I'd love to hear them. Not sure yet what I'll use for material.

I'm thinking this would be a really useful sail if we were doing a passage like Hawaii to the west coast. When we built the genoa the idea was to create a really good reaching and downwind sail for use with the balooner. So the genoa isn't all that great upwind.

Not sure what we'd do for sheeting yet. Anyhow, love to hear ideas if you have any.


Dave Benjamin
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