Double berths

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Dear Anne and John, I am interested to see your cockpit chair pictures , but being somewhat of a novice on a computerI am struggling to find them---what do I do to download them?
You have my sympathies on the double berth in the aft cabin. We solved our problem in another way ( and am I right in thinking that from 2000 on the SM has more room fore and aft on the aft bed ?)
We opted for the vanity table in the aft cabin ( not sure we would do so again, as it merely becomes another shelf with less efficient storage underneath). However, we asked Amel to put a chock between the double berth and that part of the berth which is aft of the vanity unit. The Port side of the chiock is about 12 " longer than than the starboard side , and at their suggestion the matress is in only two parts.This gives us a huge double berth athwartships at very little ( possibly no extra?) cost and we keep the easy access to all underberth lockers.
Ian, One solution to the noise of the Autohelm in the aft berth is to fit a second , rotary, drive with a changeover switch.Redundancy, plus a good nights sleep.
With just two of us we favour either the aft cabin, in light airs , or the berth above the batteries. However, we have belatedly discovered that the pilot berth in the saloon is much better than expected ( though some means needs to be discovered of stopping the outboard, aft, end of the wooden base from grinding on its supporting shelf), and , much to our surprise, the berths in the forecabin can be very comfortable off the wind ( we have hitherto reserved them for the crew we never sail with...)
Sweet dreams, Ian and Judy. Pen Azen

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