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Hi Ian,

The 303 product is clear and would not be a problem as far as
the "grain" goes. But I doubt I would use on the faux teak decks as
it might be slippery. It would effectively prevent the fading that
is experienced on the Amel boats but I fear it would be a liability
under foot. You may want to go to the web site ... and ask them about their product on the deck.

I am going to look into your product recommendation.

Do I understand from your emails that you singlehand your Amel? If
so, how long have you been doing so?

s/v Stargazer

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Hi Delores,

thanks for this good tip. I have also found a marvelous product
that keeps all gel coat in show room condition as well as making
smoke removal a cinch. It's called Mer, and I believe it is of German
origin. I bought mine at the Southampton Boat Show. It been around
for a while. It's very easy to apply and polishes off easily too. I
did the whole boat in a few hours by myself one sunny day in Kinsale.

I guess your protectant might work wonders on the faux teak? Is it
a clear liquid, or a white polish that might be difficult to wipe out
of the 'grain' on the desks?

Best Wishes

Ian Shepherd


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