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Dear Ian and Judy,
Thanks for your info. To see the pics open "photos" and then click on the
thumbnail marked Bali Hai. Of our alterations we rate the double bunk and
the cockpit seat as huge improvements. The various movements possible
easily with the aid of the gas filled struts in the pedestal mean that, at
a guess, the seat is only pointing forward about 5% of the time. It is also
relatively comfortable to sit in it pointing upwind when heeled.
What I forgot to say is that I fixed two teak hand holds above the wheel on
the back edge of the hard dodger so that there is something to hang on to
for geriatrics like me to get out of the seat when the boat is well heeled
on starboard tack.
Let us know if you need any more info.
We totally agree with you about the desirability of having a second drive
for the autopilot. With my last boat we had several failures of the linear
drive. Admittedly the drive fitted on that leaky Oyster only had plastic
instead of brass gears in the linear drive unit but we only found that out
in mid Atlantic When it happened again in the Pacific the problem was a
build up in carbon dust in the drive motor housing. Amel assures me that
they fit drive units with brass gears which is very good news.The life of
the plastic ones seemed to be about 12,000 miles and the life of the carbon
brushes perhaps 40,000 miles. Serious long distance cruisers would be well
advised to carry spares. Plastic gear sets cost £12.50 and brass ones
£125.0 10 years ago. We were carrying three spare sets of the plastic gears
across the Pacific and sold one set to a couple stranded in the Cook
Islands and another to a couple stranded in Tonga.
The brush problem happened in Vanuatu, and an Email to Raymarine UK asking
for spares resulted in them replying that they had changed motor suppliers
telling us to contact the previous suppliers direct. Naturally they omitted
to tell us where and how to do this. Luckily we then found that the spare
brushes which came with the boat when I bought it, and which I thought were
for the anchor winch, fitted perfectly.

Regards Anne and John Bal Hai SM 319

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