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I think keel bolts can corrode due to anaerobic corrosion whether the keel is lead or iron. The important thing is the quality of the bolt and the way it is fitted. I am very confident with Amel. Looking at your photo I think the surface rust is normal and correct painting would fix. The stain from the joint should be inspected but it is not unusual on an iron keel. The design of the ballast, being wide and low down on a stub rather than narrow and high aspect is good and reduces stress on the bolts. Your desicion of if it is worth having a keel bolt checked is not easy. Maybe consider the general condition of the boat and your budget and how much you want peace of mind. The advice about a surveyor who knows the sisterships is important.

Good luck. I have recently bought a Maramu and am very happy.

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I am looking to purchase a maramu. Recently I saw a boat, on land, which seemed interesting, but a line of corrosion and casting a slight rust mark the hull - ballast.
The owner tells me to scrape the rust and re-attached with epoxy.
Does this sound safe? or should we be wary of a possible attack of rust on the bolts of the ballast? I fave put a photo on the album.
Before I ask and professional expertise, thank you for your answers.
(sorry for my bad English but I'll do my best)

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