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Hallo George, I have the same problem in my SM 107 and I solve it. The first
thing that you have to do is to check with an expert in electronic if your
autopilot software is the last version that is in the market, because this
is an Known prblem of the earliest versions, so in most cases updating the
software is enough. This should be made with special device in the computer
of the autopilot. In my case this was not enough and a expert in electronics
here in Mallorca has repaired the computer this is really difficult due to
the size of components that shuld be replaced but is possible and cheap. If
you know a good expert in electronics ask him to repair it, and if he doesn'
t know how to do it a can get you in contact with the tecnician that
repaired mine.
Best regards from Mallorca

Vicente Pereda
Alferez Provisional 1,3oC
Tfn 0034971286387

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Asunto: [Amel Yacht Owners] ST7000 failure

Unfortunately yes, my ST7000 had a major failure. The main PC board went
There was no way to get it working as it decided to announce "low batteries"
and bip for ever as soon as I would try to crank it.
This happened in Grece and the repair agent in Athens found nothing wrong. I
reinstalled it and of course, same thing. I had to get a brand new PC board.
Georges - Santorin Greenlight -

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