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As I recall from 10 yrs ago this creek and marina does not have much more than 7 ft MLW and maybe less. I'd call them to inquire current conditions. If you are well loaded with cruising gear take care about entering this creek. We were aground sitting in one of their slips one memorable 4th July.
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Hi Veit,
I used the York River Yacht Haven at Gloucester Point Va and left my SM 2000 there from June 2002 to November 2002. I had a fair amount of work done and was very satisfied. A delivery crew who sailed the yacht from Tortola to Norfolk managed to do a fair amount of damage to the genoa furler and the mast head by trying to sail under a brude on the ICW.It is a nice location and easy access and the maintenance crew competent and helpful. This is a bit south of where you want to be but based on my experience I would recommend them. Of course it is almost ten years since I ws there. Contact is 804-642-2156 Office and 804-642-9490 Service.
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Hi All:

Thinking about visiting the Annapolis Boat show, than leaving our boat at a marina in the Chesapeake to have the bottom painted and some SST work done.
Can anybody suggest a marina which is reasonable, does really good work and is somewhere near Annapolis? ( we're planning to take her South in the beginning of November)
Thank you,

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