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Go to ATN  they have a great climber which includes  both body harness and foot climbers

They make appearances at most  big boat shows.  and advertise in nearly  every monthly magazine.   Not the cheapest but it works . one size fits all and is adjustable

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Interesting to see a list of all of the parts necessary to go up the mast alone.  I have always had my wife mind the anchor windlass, but she is very nervous about tailing it (it is electric), and it is fussy about the number of wraps.  I would actually prefer to go up and down mytself, but whenever I go into REI and ask about climbing harnesses, they get all official about whether I have had training, etc. When I explain that I want it for a boat, they tell me they can't sell any climbing stuff to me, for liability reasons. So, I can't figure out what size harness to buy, because I can't try one on.  Where can one buy these things wihout haveing to deal with this attitude?

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