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The thing i do not like about the ATN mast climber is that you do the operation in reverse to descend.  The Grigri is what is called a self locking belay device.  It can also be used for rappelling, which is basically what i do when i came down from the mast.  It's really rather simple once you see it.  It is a much smoother operation than the ATN.

I used to climb in Arizona and Utah so i had experience with the equipment.  I suggest that you take a look at a climbing gym for some simple instructions and practice with a safety line.  They probably can help you fit into a climbing harness.

Here is a video of basically what you do.  Instead of the foot loop i suggest you use either a webbing "ladder" call "aiders" or use the device in my previous post on a seperate line that is cleated off..

You can get the equipment from

you attach the aider to the ascender wtih a locking carabiner.

note that the grigri 2 is Designed to accommodate rope diameters between 8.9 and 11 millimeters; ideal rope diameters are between 9.4 to 10.3 millimeters

locking carabiner
you will need one of these to attach the grigi to your harness.  ONLY USE A LOCKING.  Always double check.

you will also want to buy another to attach to the top of the ascender as a safety to make sure that if you open the ascender by mistake it will not come off the line.

the ascender
This one is designed for ropes 8 to 13mm. 

climbing harness
you probably could figure out a way to use the chair but i never tried.  I used a climbing harness.
notice in the picture that the gold latch makes a "C" this means that you "double backed the belt and it can't come undone.  If it looks like an "O"  then this means you did not apply the safety and you should not climb.  99 of harness work this way.  C means closed.  O means open. has an online instant help person that can help.  Although i would probably pay for a day at the local climibng gym.  Sit in harness and see if you like it.  Also they can teach you how to repeal with a grigri and how to use the system together.

I really feel it would be less physical strength required if you used the device in my previous post as opposed the the aiders as it will be a significantly more rigid stepping point.  (each time you step you raise the ascender and take up the slack with the grigri - its really pretty easy)

You certainly can use your main, but i always had a static climbing rope i would use. 

Hope this helps.

eric j.

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Go to ATN  they have a great climber which includes  both body harness and foot climbers

They make appearances at most  big boat shows.  and advertise in nearly  every monthly magazine.   Not the cheapest but it works . one size fits all and is adjustable

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Interesting to see a list of all of the parts necessary to go up the mast alone.  I have always had my wife mind the anchor windlass, but she is very nervous about tailing it (it is electric), and it is fussy about the number of wraps.  I would actually prefer to go up and down mytself, but whenever I go into REI and ask about climbing harnesses, they get all official about whether I have had training, etc. When I explain that I want it for a boat, they tell me they can't sell any climbing stuff to me, for liability reasons. So, I can't figure out what size harness to buy, because I can't try one on.  Where can one buy these things wihout haveing to deal with this attitude?

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