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I use the mastmate. You can find it in


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This really should be very simple and safe. What we do is use the ballooner halyard and put a light line on it so that we can pull the halyard out to check that it has not been damaged on something inside the mast. We recover the halyard and make sure that is run through a mast mounted jammer and then run it throgh a snatchblock lashed loosely with a sail tier to a cleat on the port side of the mast and thence to the rope drum on the anchor windlass. The jammer is on whilst lifting someone up the mast and the winch operator is well clear of anything that may be dropped by the person up the mast. I once saw a crew man felled by a dropped shackle pin from the top of a twelve metre mast, anything heavier might well have killed him. To lower the climber move the halyard from the windlass to a winch on the mast and take up the tension before releasing the jammer and then lower slowly as needed.

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