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RE the color codes wires posting earlier:
I have been watching these postings and studying the differences
between USA and European power for some time. I had some questions
about this posting and would like to state my understanding and have
those in the know do a reality check for me. ( NOTE that this
discussion doesn't consider the difference in frequency of the
types of power, i.e. 60 Hertz in the USA and 50 Hertz for European
power or the differences in European grounding practices as compared
to the USA. )

Lets start with what I have. The 220 Volt AC cord that comes from
my Amel SM 2000 (Hull # 335) has three wires in it. Alivier
Beauteau told me that it was rated at 30 Amperes at 220 Volts AC.
The color coding is based on the latest European color code and is
as follows:

1. Brown = European Hot
2. Blue = European Neutral
3. Green with Yellow Stripe = European Grounding (or
Safety Ground)

USA 220 Volt AC typically has 4 wires with color codes as follows:

1. Red = USA Hot
2. Black = USA Hot
3. White = USA Neutral for 110 volt
circuits only
4. Green = USA Grounding (of Safety

NOW, as you measure Voltage AC (RMS = root mean square voltage,
which is what your digital volt meter more or less shows you)
between the following points you will get the following readings:

EUROPEAN: Between the Brown and Blue Reads 220 Volts AC
Between the Blue and the Green with Yellow Stripe
Reads Zero Volts AC
Between the Brown and the Green with Yellow Stripe
Reads 220 Volts AC

USA: Between the Red and Black Reads 220 Volts AC
Between the Red and White Reads 110 Volts AC
Between the Black and White Reads 110 Volts AC
Between the White and Green Reads Zero Volts AC

When wiring the Amel 220 Volt AC cable from the boat to USA
power the following should be done:

a. The Amel Brown Wire (European Hot) should go to either the
USA Red or Black wire
b. The Amel Blue Wire (European Neutral) should go to the USA
Red or Black wire (whichever the Amel Brown wire isn't connected
to. My understanding, and please somebody correct me if I am wrong,
is that the polarity of these two connections (red and/or black to
blue and/or brown makes no difference).
Finally the Amel Green with Yellow Stripe wire should go to the USA
Green wire.
The USA white wire has nothing connected to it from the European

The given appliance or load doesn't care about polarity since it
alternating current (AC). All the load cares about is that there is
an EMF (ElectroMotive Force) of 220 Volts pushing the electrons back
and forth in the wires of the load (e.g. the lamp, motor etc.) Again
this discussion doesn't take into consideration the frequency
which the electrons are moved back and forth (Hertz). If I
understand it correctly the naming of the wires (Hot, Neutral etc is
somewhat arbitrary) and hence confusing at times.

So there you have it, the distillation of my many sources. I have
an electronics background but there we deal mostly with DC voltage
and theory. I have approached two commercial electricians here in
the USA to verify the differences between USA and European power and
they both stammered and stuttered until I had basically no
confidence in their confused explanations. I haven't tried
up my Amel to this standard yet so if someone else would try it out
and let me know if anything smokes I can then refine the theory
further. Please, your comments and criticisms are welcome.

Sincerely, Gary Silver s/v Liahona currently in Tortola at
Nanny Cay

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