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Ocean Options is an Authorized dealer and installer for ESBA and has recently refurbished my ESBA heater. They tell me that the orinal installation by Amel did not confrom with their recommendations on two points: 1. The fuel pump is too far from the fuel tank and 2. that since the line is T'ed of the line the the generator, the generator create a negative pressure in the ESBA line and starves it of fuel.

Has anyone experienced these problems?

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Hi Eric. We had some issues that had to do with running the heat on 60 cycles the condensers had to be replaced and we cleansed the dust off the elements. All is well. We do have to run the fans on high so as not to over heat the unit. The thermostat only runs the heating element.

Running the Espar eats lots of fuel. Think about adding a few portable electric units to run off the Gen set so you can make water and charge the batteries at the same time. Just a thought.
Enjoy the trip bAck north
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My Climma unit in my aft cabin cuts out due to the integral thermostat and
never makes my aft cabin comfortable. I have even changed the electric
heating element and integral thermostat.

Any suggestions?

I am also planning on heading very far South one day soon and will need the

Fair Winds


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Subject: RE: [Amel] Adding a Eberspacher Diesel Heater to the Forced Air
Ventilation on a SM

The climma unit does not make much heat when it is cold.

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Ventilation on a SM

HI Bill, we had an Eberspacher heater on our old 46 Amel. The duct work;
exiting from the heater was metal pipe with a TEE to direct air forward and
that was connected to flex pipe to the cabins, take care that you use non
flammable pipe, was run to all cabins along the port side each with a duct
could be somewhat closed. Starting with the installation:
The heater was mounted in a pan in the port side combing with a vent for
air. Fuel is delivered by a small 12 volt pump and a small filter. There are

two parts to the exhaust; one is double wall pipe that exits high up on the
side with a special fitting in the free board to protects the fiberglass.
there is a moisture pipe that takes care of condensation in the process.
mounted a thermostat in galley on the port side that ran the unit There was
also a hi/lo switch to control the fan. While these are great units but
you have the Climma and a gen set why not run the gen set and heat the
run the water maker and charge the batteries all at the same time?. It just
seems that adding the cost and having a major installation to you boat adds
little in terms of comfort. Also keep in mind that the exhaust in a harbor
be an issue with CO and smell. Then if you are along side another boat take
care to the heat that comes out of the exhaust as well.. Fender can be fried

with great ease.

Good luck in your decision process.
Richard on SM 209 in Annapolis for sale

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Subject: [Amel] Adding a Eberspacher Diesel Heater to the Forced Air
on a SM

BeBe has the Amel Forced Air Ventilation system which was installed when she

I am considering adding an Eberspacher Diesel heater to this which is what I

believe Amel did if that option was ordered. If I am going to do this, I am
going to wait until we arrive in France to have Amel do it, because we will
experience a lot of cold weather before then. I am aware that the Climma A/C

has a heat cycle.

I could use some help with planning this and I have a few questions:
1.) Does anyone know if the above statement is correct regarding the

2.) Assuming it is correct, does anyone know if the Eberspacher heater is a
or D5...or something else?

3.) Where does Amel install the heater controls?

4.) Can anyone provide me with photos of the installation inside the cockpit

lazarette, photos of the controls, and photos of the diesel pipe

Any information will be greatly appreciated. You can post the photos on this

website or email them to bill"at" Should we install it, I will be

sure to post any photos of my installation in the photo section of this

s/v BeBe, SM2k, #387
Currently Marmaris, Turkey

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