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Barbara Nairne

Just to add my two cents worth - -
We have just purchased the Whale Gulper 320 (not installed yet).
We are replaced the original diaphram pump with the Jabso Macerator  18590 which proved really useless - my hair jams it - even though we use good filters in the bathroom to no avail - also any fluff seems to intertwine with my hair and the whole pump had to be disassambled/reassembled to get it going again -(turning the top screw with a screwdriver did not release it)  - hopeful that the Whale which is a diaphram pump will  be a lot better than the Jabso.

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ActiveCaptain has a link (changes each week) for either a 12v or 24 v diaphragm pump--Whale Gulper 320--that is a good replacement for the diaphram bilge pumps that we use-- The discount code is A38 and brings the price down from $185 to $150. (Or search for Whale Gulper 320 at Defender and enter the A38 code. The head can be rotated and clamped to suck and discharge vertically) and fits as a replacement with minimal modification. Will self prime and lift 3 meters, discharge 3m and pump 4-5 gallons a minute. Has a 1"/25mm barb. 10amp@ 12v or 5 amp@24 volt. Whale 220 gulper is also available with less capacity and amp draw.

Others have used a Jabsco self priming macerator pump 18590-2092 (12 v) or 18590-2094 (24v) which is also a possibility.

Brittany de la Mer

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