Re: Caribbean Rendezvous

Kimberly Cerillo <kcvabeach@...>

Would anybody be interested in an Amel Yacht Rendezvous in the British
Virgin Islands in March?

It would be the perfect opportunity for owners of Amel Yachts to participate
in an exclusive Amel event. We could have fun 'races' from one overnight
anchorage to the next that everyone could enjoy. The setting of the British
Virgin Islands are a stunningly beautiful backdrop for this event.

This would be the ideal venue for Amel owners to meet, exchange ideas,
information and adventures. We would be able to view modifications many of
us have made to our yachts first hand, as well as being able to put a face
to the names that we see on the website.

I would love to get an Amel representative to participate, as this would be
a great opportunity for question and answer sessions, (a great takeaway for
Amel in developing their yachts) advise on industry advancements and
challenges as well as the opportunity to get to know the owners of one of
the finest cruising yachts in the world.

If anyone is interested in this, please let me know, as we live in Puerto
Rico, it would be easy for us to start the wheels turning on locations,
registrations and pricing.

Kim and George Cerillo

SM #353 Indecent

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