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Dear Bob,
If the power post on the dock has two 30 amp 120 volt outlets it most
likely has a 240 volt outlet that takes a 50 amp plug as I described.
Just return the cord and “y” adapter and get a 50 amp plug. You can go
to home depot and get wire that will work to extend your power cord.

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Subject: [Amel Yacht Owners] Converting 110 volts to 220 volts

My posting earlier may not have been clear. My boat, a 1993
Santorin, is presently in the Annapolis area and I am needing to
provide 220 volts (which my Santorin is wired for) from the 110
volts that is available in the USA. Presently I'm using a small
transformer to provide 220 to the boat via its 220 cord. The
transformer works well but is very limited in terms of its power
output. (The transformer is fused at 8 amps, 110 volts).

I've purchased a Marinco "reverse Y" at the suggestion of Joel
Potter when we talked together at the Annapolis Boat Show.
The "reverse Y" is capable of supplying 220 with more amperage than
the transformer, but I have couple of questions. The boat has a 220
cord in its lazarette with a French? three pronged male fitting on
the end using three round contacts in a "v" arrangement. Does any
one have any recommendations for how to mate it with the "reverse Y"
female plug?

Also, the 220 volt cord in the lazarette is not very long. I
already have one 50' 110v Marinco cord. It seems to make sense to
just buy another matching cord and connect the "reverse y" closer to
the boat or even in the lazarette at the end of two 110 cords
(rather than plugging the "reverse Y" into the two 110 30 amp plugs
that the marina supplies). Feeding two 110 cords into the secured
lazarette might also prevent the expensive "reverse y' from
disappearing. Does anyone have any advice on this?

I've been told that ABYC standards require a breaker within just
a few feet of where AC power enters the boat. Mine doesn't go
through a breaker until it gets to the GFI breaker in my galley
panel. I am aware of the boat's conformance with CE standards, but
my insurance company likes ABYC, and the idea of a breaker BEFORE
the cord enters the conduit from the lazarette makes sense to me.
Any thoughts on this?

Thanks again, Bob Santorin "Hanalei"

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