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As a sailmaker, I've seen people buy used sails with varying amounts of success. If you happen to get a response from a Euro owner, consider yourself very fortunate. It is going to be quite challenging to find a suitable sail on the secondary market.

Here's why. The Euros is a cruising boat with a modestly sized rig. A used sail to fit your boat will most likely have been built for a smaller and lighter craft. Thus it will have cloth that is too light for your purposes and other construction details are inadequate. As an example, we own a Maramu. The main on our boat is smaller than the mainsail on many boats that are under 40' and weigh half as much as we do.

Then you run into the real reason this is likely to be an unfulfilled quest. Few if any cruisers sell sails that are still in good serviceable condition. Most of the cruising sails we replace should have been replaced years ago. Racers will often sell sails that are still serviceable. However your mainsail isn't much larger than the mainsail on a J-27 that weighs 3800 lbs (1724 kg) so it would be a very short-lived solution at best.

Sails are your engine and in my opinion are not what you want to take shortcuts with. I've seen many boats with first rate electronics and other gadgets but poor sails. This past cruising season a boat went on a reef in Australia because their mainsail shredded while they were trying to sail out of harms way.

I've checked out databases for rig dimensions for the Euros but we don't have it listed. I am happy to send you a measurement worksheet and instructions on how to measure your rig. One issue you are likely to encounter is that the tack setback may not be compatible and the tack attachment will be klugey. Similar problems may be encountered with the clew attachment if you have an outhaul car. Then there's the issue of luff hardware. You may need to web on new hardware or pay a sailmaker to do it. If the used sail has nylon slides that have been in use for more than 5 years, they should be replaced with new slides. Use Alsplip or PTFE coated stainless slides at the headboard and where any full battens attach.

If I can be of assistance, feel free to contact me off-list.


Dave Benjamin
S/V Exit Strategy
Amel Maramu #29
Owner - Island Planet Sails

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Hi, I'm new to the group. First of all a greeting for everyone. Three months ago I bought an Amel Euros 41 that needs a new mainsail. If someone in the group has a healthy and wants to sell here you have a buyer. I also want to know Luff and Foot if anyone knows to look on ebay.

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