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Thanks Pat...I will await your response...please check my thoughts below:

Thanks Serge and Dimitris...and Dimitris, of course I remember you in Soros. I wanted to ask you if the boot stripe and rub rail color was something custom you had done. The platinum color really changes the overall appearance of the 54. I noticed that the 55 uses this color.

My Thoughts:
I am beginning to think that there may be some moisture in the line that freezes causing an obstruction, or possibly some other material causing an obstruction.

I am sure the control box turns the compressor OFF with high pressure or high heat. I wish I knew if under this circumstance where the compressor is turned OFF for high pressure or temp by the Control Module, and assuming that the thermostat is closed (on), if the Control Module is programmed to turn back on without a delay. The delay is important for the pressure to reduce before the compressor turns back on.


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Hi Bill, Pat and I are on our way sailing to Annapolis for the annual sailboat show. I will read your email to the Frigoboat vendor when we attend the show tomorrow.

Diane & Pat

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I am looking for advice.

The Frigoboat refrigerator cycles on/off frequently and is showing an error code of 3 flashes which according to Frigoboat, "Indicates that the compressor cannot start due to too high a differential pressure in the compressor. This is a common problem where poor voltage, or breaks in the power supply or thermostat wiring cause the controller to attempt a compressor restart too soon after it has been stopped for some reason. It can also be caused by a refrigerant overcharge."

I have replaced the Danfoss control box, part number #101N0210, and the Frigaboat thermostat, Part number E250500. I replaced these at different times and each time defrosted and removed the refrigerator. Each time I also checked all wiring connections. Each time when I re-installed and turned on the refrigerator, it worked fine for 2-3 days, freezing the freezer compartment and the temperature in the refrigerator at 41 degrees Fahrenheit. It would cycle normally for 2-3 days, then start the short cycle and the 3 flash error code.

The closed system has never been touched with gauges or the addition of Freon.

We are not currently where we can get expert repair service.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this?


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