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Diane and Pat,

Thank you very much for you kind words about my AMEL 54 "Bozo Cinq". The
true value and quality of a boat is the condition it is in after 5 years out
in the environment. I will tell you that we have had a terrific time on the
vessel doing an Atlantic crossing, Caribbean, Trinidad, Curacao, Turks and
Caicos, Bahamas, Florida and now Chesapeake Bay. WOW, what great memories!
It now has 10,000 nautical miles under the hull. The AMEL is a very, very
easy boat to maintain. For people that want to cruise the AMEL is a terrific
vessel for the money. I have yet to run across another brand that can come
close to the quality and seaworthiness of an AMEL. Sadly, our decision to
sell, it is time that we need to move to a trawler type vessel.

Gary L. Wollenberg

Sailing Vessel "Bozo Cinq"


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Pat and I are in Annapolis for the Sailboat Show. We boarded lots of boats
at the show today, the Oyster, Passport, Hylas etc and then I said let's go
see the 54 Amel which was a 2 second walk from the show. We spoke to the
broker who gave us permission to board. The boat is immaculate and
absolutely beautiful. Your boat just blew all those other high end yachts
away. I walked off your boat and said, that it is the most beautiful boat in
the show, and actually should be in the show. Nothing beats the Amel. They
take your breath away. I really wish Amel would return to this show, their
presence is missed.

Diane and Pat
Anchored in from of the Naval Academy, Annapolis
sv Shenanigans #123

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If any of you are going to attend the upcoming Annapolis Sailboat show. This
is to let you know that my AMEL 54 will be on display at the Annapolis
Sailboat show October 6-10th. For photo's & specification go to and click on "Yachts For Sale".

Gary, AMEL 54 #44

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