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Dear Ian,
Thanks for the note. I thought you were on your way to Chile.
I had Amel install the fresh air system and the fan is in the location
of your heater in the port locker.
So I have the necessary ductwork. I have my air intake above the seat.
If anyone has the heater with the intake in the rope locker I would love
to see some photos.
When do you get back to the boat?
Fair winds,

When you are back on board can you send me some photos and also photos
of the diesel plumbing.

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Hi Eric,

I can't tell you the BTU output as I am in Cyprus at the moment, but the
unit is mounted in the port side cockpit up and under the horizontal
part upon which the winches are mounted. So you don't see it, and it
does not rob you of any useful storage space, though caution is needed
as it can get hot.

Later boats have the air intake in the rope box in front of the mizzen.
Earlier boats have a flap in the cockpit sidewall above the seat. This
was a pain as it is easy to forget to open it before firing the Espar
up. The result was overheating and an automatic shutdown.

To retrofit one of these units may prove very difficult when it comes to
installing the ducting around the boat. I remember that Amel specified a
deadline by which I had to specify a diesel heater during construction.
I am glad that I chose it. It was worth it's weight in gold whilst in
Greenland and Labrador.

Good luck


SM2000 "Crusader"

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