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I have a box shaped holding tank in the aft head only. It is near floor level attached to the bulkhead between the sink and the hull. The vent comes out on the near-vertical part of the deck moulding above the head (slightly aft) and the deck pump-out is in the deck above the head compartment. The plumbing is quite neat in the lockers. The diverter valve is just next to the outlet from the holding tank. The toilet is manual and pumps into the tank. There is an electric pump to empty the holding tank. I did not install the system, it came with the boat. The only problem was the electric pump was quite high and after not being used for a while the valves inside were a bit stiff and it would not prime. Horrid job to fix as I only realsised it wasn't emptying the holding tank when it was over full. I have now moved the electric pump so it is below the level of the top of the tank so it does not need to prime itself.

I have another non amel boat which has an electric toilet which goes to the holding tank above sea level. A 2-way valve is between the holding tank and the sea to divert to pump out. This is a simple way to do things as gravity empties the tank to the sea (directly if the 2-way valve is open), but, in a maramu the holding tank would have to be high up to empty to the sea by gravity.

The other way to do it is to have a second diverter valve bewteen the toilet and the hoding tank so the toilet can discharge directly overboard but then you have lots of plumbing. I think there is a diagram somewhere here of a system like this from a Santorin which may help you.

Can't help you with a manual- mine is older and in french but with school french and a dictionary it is not too hard to figure it out as it is so short. Hopefully you have the seperate manuals for the equipment on board in english. I expect there are not many questions Joel can't assist you with.

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Hello, Greetings to all, we have just purchased Maramu #261 1989 (Big THANKYOU to Joel and Vela Potter). I must install holding tanks for the heads to be legal in the US. Any experienced opinions on sizes, deck pumpout placement, venting placement, part numbers will be much appreciated. Also, is there an owners manual in English for the later model Maramu (not super)? Thanks, Ross

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