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Not sure if this link will work but it is a photo of a neat holding tank in a 1986 maramu for sale on in Baie de Sanary¤cy=USD&listing_id=76736&units=Feet&boat_id=2404361&back=boatDetail.jsp&boat_id=2404361&noOfPic=43


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Hi Ross, In case you did not know there are many holding tanks of many sizes available through chandlers, for example Jabsco do at least ten sizes and there are a number of other makers. See catalogue of an Italian company, pages56 onwards. I would be surprised if the big US mail order companies did not stock a number.

Happy flushing, Anne and John, SM319

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Hello, Greetings to all, we have just purchased Maramu #261 1989 (Big THANKYOU to Joel and Vela Potter). I must install holding tanks for the heads to be legal in the US. Any experienced opinions on sizes, deck pumpout placement, venting placement, part numbers will be much appreciated. Also, is there an owners manual in English for the later model Maramu (not super)? Thanks, Ross

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