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Duncan Hagemeyer


Thanks for the evaluation. The Amel surveyor did a quick once over yesterday. Today is the big day of tests. He came to much the same conclusion….’shore leave’ and in need of maybe a relay…as a Frenchman maybe he was referring to a switch. Otherwise he said it was really clean inside and no moisture problems were found. Also no sign the hull, keel or rudder ever got hit.


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Hi given the time this boat has set on the hard the issues you are seeing are in all likelihood a result.
The connection ad the switch for the windlass and the main sail motors are most like in need of replacement or a shot of Crc56 or similar product. There is no issue with the motor as it runs.

It would be good to get a photo of the rudder sleeve issue. It is most likely the packing has to be replaced on the rudder shaft a rather simple task.

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We are in the survey process and have discovered that the following problems have been discovered:
1. one of the windlass' motors will allow the chain to go down, but not retreive the chain.
2. the motor on the mainsail will not work and the mainsail will not set
3. there is a support sleeve on the rudder post that appears to have a bit of wiggle/play at the contact point. is this trouble and should it be replaced?

Thanks for the help.


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