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Duncan Hagemeyer


Thanks for the low cost advice. I still have two cents left over. After the Amel surveyor went over the boat I made the decision to buy her. You can read my response to Richard’s helpful comments. Someone had to buy her to preserve the value of the other lovely Amel’s on the market. At least now, I have my work cut out for me, and maybe I learn some of the skills necessary to operate an Amel in the process. At least I have a few bucks/euros to fix this and that. Boats in this part of the world will always be a challenge…maybe all boats in the water and out that are left abandoned.

Note my comment on an absentee management team. If you know of one let me know. I know going into this boat she will be on dry dock at least 6 months a year. I have a ranch in Montana. I love being her in the summer and fall.

Seriously thanks for all comments and advice,


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I am assuming that you are looking and have not yet finalized the purchase.

About the worst thing you can do with an Amel or almost any yacht is store it on the hard for years. I want to add a bit of caution to the optimism here. You are seeing the obvious things at this point.

A bargain is usually a bargain because many other people have passed on the price. And a bargain that is need of care is usually only a bargain if the person purchasing the yacht is willing and capable to do most of the repair/maintenance himself.

I do not want to rain on anybody's parade, but unless you or familiar with all of the components of this Amel and the interrelated systems, caution should be your guide.

That is my 2 cents worth for what it is worth.


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OK we can start with the water maker. One the pump is a 220 pump. It will only run on 220 50 Cycle... Does the motor turn?
If the pump is not working. It is not hard to fix it as it is a piston pump with O rings and some gaskets. They can be had from the pump maker or Desalinator in France. It is no surprise the membrane in the watermaker is dead. They no big deal to replace they are NOT cheap. Be sure to
take care with the O ring seals at the ends. As far as the unit goes, we did away with the electronic timer and went manual... when you get to
St. Martin on the Dutch side get it converted there. The guy that does
that work in under the gym on main st.

You do not have to get them from Amel. If I have to get parts most of them come from the component maker direct. If is is an Amel made part these are the phone numbers for service parts: +33 546 55 17 18 or +33 546 55 00 75 email SERVICE: sav@...

The engine has electronic controls, who ever is doing the work MUST be sure all the safety switches are in good working order or it WILL NOT START.

Same with the Gen Set... The gen set is setup to run at 220 volts 50 cycle. If you are going to run 110 volt stuff install a 24 volt to 110 inverter and wire the 110 plugs by way of a breaker box. We used an 1800 watt Pro sign with 2500 watt start up surge. The other item I'd would change is the battery charging system. Get rid if the two you have now and put in a 100 amp smart charger that will accept 90 to 260 volts 50 or 60 cycle that way no matter your port you can plug in. The other issue is that there have been any number of the 30 amp chargers that are dock side now get over loaded, when that do they cook the battery bank... That is a big oh shit... the best is to have one 100 amp charger that can handle the system. For a more details on this subject call me.Â

As far as Festus and Jolly Harbor are concerned; Festus is a contractor that is independent and it'll be hard to get anything out of him. You may be better off to see if you can get some free labor to get things right. As far as the yard and the old owner. See if you can the old owner to get whatever you can from the yard... You can talk to the AMEL yard when they are doing the mast fix about the hatch leak as well, they may replace it free they've done so on other boats of that vintage.

What I would do very quickly is put a 220 volt dehumidifier on the boat and keep it running to dry it out. Mold down there is a big issue. There is a woman that runs a fabric shop in the little strip in Jolly Harbor that will make you whatever soft goods you need. She can also get foam if you need it. The laundry will also take care of washing the foam covers. BE SURE TO TELL HER NO HOT WATER... GET THE STUFF BACK WET AND DRY IT IN THE SUN...

Even with all the stuff you are looking at now you've got a great boat. Once you get to know her it'll take good care of you at sea on the hook or at the dock. You've bought the worlds best, enjoy her.


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Hi Richard,

I am depending on A 1 to handle the engine issues at this stage. I will contact Carl with your suggestion on torqueing. Makes sense. What we did discover in the survey is the membrane for the Amelwatermaker is finished and the pump did not appear to work for the surveyor. He and I have not spoken in two days and he is writing up the report. Maybe that changed. How difficult is it to get the Amel parts? Where do you get the parts?

I know what you mean about the "street eyes" open. I suppose that can be said for any marina in the world. In their eyes the vendors just see $ signs. Sad but many invest a life's saving just to be there.

The survey showed that the main cabin Bose entertainment unit and an inverter were ruined by what the surveyor stated was "rainwater entering the cabin from what was an open hatch." He thinks that the hatch had to be open for day as the water collected under the bunk. The good news is there is no water marks or stains on the Amel woodwork and the floor is fine. Some of the bedding was ruined by water and mildew. But it was isolated to this one area. I signed the agreement to buy but I stressed to the broker and prior owner that they should have a complaint based on the surveyors independent analysis with settlement in my favor. It remains to be seen if they do so....after the fact. I think I will take it up with Festus or Jolly Harbor's management as it is a material issue on the value I paid and where I will feel comfortable leaving my boat in the future. You apparently know Festus well. Do you think it is appropriate of me to make a
request for compensation given that the issue was between he and the old owner?

On Oct 29, 2011, at 8:44 AM, Richard03801 wrote:

Hi the filters I was sneaking are the fuel filters and the pre water maker ones you can buy them most anyplace that sells marine parts including the Budget Marine the in Antigua. I like to use very fine Raycore fuel filter as if they are by far easier to change the engine mounted units. I'd also suggest you add a charcoal filter to the fresh water system before the pump to clean what comes from the tank.

Regarding having pulled the head have it re torqued after about 10 hours. Gaskets need time to take a "set".

The islands are wonderful if you keep your "street" eyes open.

Call anytime with questions or just to talk boats

Regards SM209 for sale at Epic in Annapolis

Richard Piller

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Thanks for the advice. I had the Volvo agency in Antigua A 1 pull the heads and inspect the pistons and everything looked fine. Thy are replacing all the hoses. Apparently the lack of use had them fouled. I passed on the order to replace the filters. Your comment; “carry larger than normal” is that referring to they must be Amel design? I hope they can find the right size. I will have to take the boat to Martinique in the next month or so anyway to get the warranty mast fix done.

Yes, the boat was priced lower, it was also in the right place for me. Last winter I spent a lot of time shopping the island condo market and Antigua kept coming back as an attractive location. They have a golf course and is a sailboat center. It took me a bit to accept that the government is really working to solve the past crime issues. Since 82 I have sailed almost every year in the Caribbean and I still hold out hope for the idealistic view. At the end of the day, the islands cannot allow drugs and crime to take hold. Tourism is there economic life blood. As a young man on Dominica once told me that we are a people of unparalleled civility, we are taught to smile and take your money.” I laughed and told him that was brilliant, I hope that never changes.


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Hi thanks for the up date based on what I've seen on line you're getting a great boat at a great price. Keep in mind there may be a few things that'll need a bit of cleaning with WD40 or CRC56. Oh yea be sure you polish the fuel and change ALL the fuel filters. Carry a larger then normal. Any questions at all call.

What will your home harbor be.


Richard Piller

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Thanks for the evaluation. The Amel surveyor did a quick once over yesterday. Today is the big day of tests. He came to much the same conclusion….’shore leave’ and in need of maybe a relay…as a Frenchman maybe he was referring to a switch. Otherwise he said it was really clean inside and no moisture problems were found. Also no sign the hull, keel or rudder ever got hit.


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Hi given the time this boat has set on the hard the issues you are seeing are in all likelihood a result.
The connection ad the switch for the windlass and the main sail motors are most like in need of replacement or a shot of Crc56 or similar product. There is no issue with the motor as it runs.

It would be good to get a photo of the rudder sleeve issue. It is most likely the packing has to be replaced on the rudder shaft a rather simple task.

Regards Sm209 for sale with Epic in AnnApolis

Richard Piller

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We are in the survey process and have discovered that the following problems have been discovered:
1. one of the windlass' motors will allow the chain to go down, but not retreive the chain.
2. the motor on the mainsail will not work and the mainsail will not set
3. there is a support sleeve on the rudder post that appears to have a bit of wiggle/play at the contact point. is this trouble and should it be replaced?

Thanks for the help.


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