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Hi Ross, why do they wish to replace the thur hull.  Is the boat in the US and they don't have the correct threads.  Unless there is damage to thru hull area and they need to do some glass work as well or the thur hull itself has been damage replacement is not a good idea.  Ask them to send you photos from inside and outside the boat.   I would be a good idea if you still have concerns to post them here.

Good luck
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Subject: [Amel] Thru hull replacement

Hi, Is it common to replace engine intake thru hull on a Maramu(1989)? Yard was replacing ball valve and now tells me that the existing glassed in one must be replaced. They want to use a standard bolt on to replace. Anybody have an opinion or experience with this? Should I ask them to re-glass a new one or is this the accepted way to repair? My boat is over 1,000 miles away. Thankyou, Ross

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