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Duncan Hagemeyer

Hi Kent,

A SM on an Oklahoma lake! Is that the big one on the TX OK border? Where
is SM 243 today?

Thanks for your insight and sharing your experiences. I sure do hope that I
can figure out the 220/110 mystery and become comfortable with managing the
systems myself. I do have the time, and it does sound like the Amel Group
is going to be a valuable resource. I did get a good warning from Clive at
BVI that buying a Euro boat and living in US or English waters requires
caution and understanding of this difference.

I have stated before I am looking for the right management team. I would
presume that the right manager is also going to be a good teacher. Possibly
that will be on St. Marten or Martinique. I do know one of my intitial
goals for buying an Amel was I wish to take a boat to Europe (Med) and base
there for at least a couple of winters and a summer. With this boat it
would be ashame to miss that part of the world.

This brings me to the issue of documentation. Any advice? I would like to
keep it in my Delaware LLC that housed my old Freedom. I have studied the
internet and it appears there are lots of options. I guess it is not time
to talk about an exit (sale) but lots of chatter out there about problems
with offshore registration and gaining a release of the papers. Any help

Again, thanks for all the comments,


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Hi, Duncan,
My Amel SM 243 (1999) sat essentially unused on a fresh water lake in
Oklahoma for 5 years. When the survey was done almost everything worked. I
repaired or replaced those items that weren't working before setting sail,
and almost every other system went down over the next two years. It cost me
about 40% of the selling price (which was very good compared to other
SM's)to really get her up and running like I wanted her. I did have to hire
people to work on her much of the time as she's my first big boat and first
sailboat. If I'd had the time and knowhow I could have saved half of that
expense. If you're handy and understand electricity, and have the time,
you'll end up with a great boat and know the systems from top to bottom. If
you have to hire people to work on her, you'll find there are many systems
on Amels that aren't the same as other'll spend a good bit of
money paying good technicians to figure them out. Or you'll spend
a good bit of money paying poor technicians and then pay again to fix what
they didn't understand.
Best of luck. This forum is an invaluable resource. Almost any question
you ask will be answered by one or often several sailors who know their
boats much better than I do thus far. Let us know what you name her and
where you'll be. We'd love to hook up and have a beer or rum with you.
SM 243

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