Super Maramu, Volvo TMD22A


Hello all together<br><br>Our engine has 1300 run
hours without any problems. But nevertheless I have a
few questions: <br>1) Is that what must be done: let
the engine run every 15-20 hours for 10 to 20 minutes
with full power?<br>2) We have problems to switch off
the engine with the key. This problem apears only if
the engine runs bevore switching off a longer time in
the idle mode. Then we must switch off the engine
over the "red lever" at the engine. If the engine runs
under normal load and after we can switch off the
engine, with the key, without any problems.<br>3) we need
around 1/2 Lt. Oil per 10 hour run time. Is this the
normal consumption?<br><br>Thanks for all responses and
I hope, my English can be

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