Re: security Windward Islands

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I left Liahona (AM SM # 335) in Grenada from July 2002 to December
2002 at the NEW yard facility of the Spice Island Marina in Prickley
Bay on the south end of the island. I stayed aboard in the yard
while I did work for 10 days and found their security good. There
was always someone present at the yard and he had a phone to call
for help if needed. There is a lot of surge in Prickley Bay and I
would not want to leave my boat in the water there un-attended. I
felt safe in the yard and the boat seemed safe. No damage and no

From January 2003 to March 2003 we left the boat in the water in
Granada around the corner from Prickley Bay Grenada at the Secret
Harbor Marina (The Moorings base). It was well tended by a local
and we found it clean and safe when we returned. I felt safe
everywhere I went in Grenada (using common sense of course). I
would not hesitate to again leave the boat in the water at Secret
Harbor or on the hard at Spice Island Marina.

Sincerely , Gary Silver

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