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Hi again, Duncan,
Yes, Kristy was formerly Enchantment, and was on Lake Texoma on the OK/TX border.  It was wierd driving thru that scrub N. TX land and coming to the top of a hill to see a huge lake in front of me. Kristy was one of many large, ocean-going boats on the lake and not the largest by far.  What a shame, eh?  Her previous owner bought a ranch in OK after sailing for 5 years and couldn't bring himself to part with her when his wife had had enough of the cruising life.
On the subject of documentation, I registered her with the USCG, but not in any state, since she wasn't ever in a state long enough to call it home.  I live in NC, but I've never had her in NC waters.  I've been told that FL is the only state that will insist that you pay FL taxes if you are there for more than 6 months (I think).  I did buy a new dink in MD and didn't declare it there, but a year or so later I got a letter from the NC Dept. of Rev. wanting me to pay NC taxes.  I told them the dink had never been in NC, and was in the Caribbean most of the time, but to get them to bite I would have had to jump thru a lot of hoops, so I went ahead and paid the sales taxes.  I didn't register it in NC, and just have T/T Kristy painted where the registration numbers would go...that seems to satisfy everyone so far including twice boarded by the USCG on routine checks.
Maybe John and Ruth on MoonDog will share their experience in Cartagena, Columbia.  They apparantly found it a great place to get quality work done at a very good price.  I've been reticent to go there, given the bad press and the fact that Cartagena is the only place in Col. that my insurance will cover me.  When I head West in a couple of years I'll bypass Venezuela and Columbia unless they have gotten control of the violance in their waters.
Good luck with your new mistress, Duncan.  She will ba source of great fun and challenge and satisfaction.  She will cost you more $ than you think she will.....but she'll be worth every penny.
Bon  Voyage,

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