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Duncan Hagemeyer

Hi Kent,

Thanks for the documentation insight. I am almost certain that I will go
the same route. My old Dreamtime was a US documented boat and I had zero
problem 'importing' her into the BVI and St. V and the Grenadines over the
years. They wanted the $300 bucks a year and the money we spend. I have
talked to document companies all over the internet. One thought that was
offered was that one may wish to secure another flag. The US looks like a
big money sign. Regrettably, one has to think there is some merit to that
thought. I spent the last 10 years of my sailing in the Caribbean. I
worked real hard to NOT be the ugly rich American and was firm, fair, and
even generous at times. I have to say that I did see a huge change evolve
during the 2000-2005 time period. Too many drug sellers and too many young
poor males. Not that I was ever fearful of physical attack..just a lot of
hassle at times. I do advocate that as you move south that you (and all of
we cruisers) politely interact with the government people. I strongly
suggest that you get to know the local constable if possible. They know
that their economic lifeline does depend on the money we leave when visiting
there wonderful paradises.

The insurance I am negotiating right now does preclude Columbia and VZ. I
did request a Cuba exemption. It was granted for $200 price, if I have
government documents from both countries. I have traveled to Cuba twice on
Agricultural Trade Missions and found the country extremely friendly. My
contacts are getting older and maybe I can't pull the strings, but it is
sure worth a long look for any cruiser. I think one would be safer in Cuba
than almost any island in the Caribbean. We should keep the pressure on
opening this region. I met a young man for Columbia who worked at a
restaurant with my nephew out here in Gardiner, MT. He was a Columbia
college kid, so maybe he is oblivious. He told me that Medellin (not on the
ocean) was the safest place in Columbia, but warned me off Cartagena. Just
one second hand comment! I am not a radical in any way, but if I were to go
into that region I would have some personal boat protection.

If you are heading west, are you going to the Pacific? One of my dream
trips would be the Galapagos down to Chile. I am the new guy in this group,
and hope to learn of other Amel plans. I can't always rouse a crew for
adventures, but sure would be interested in evolving group trips to
interesting places.

Thanks for you and others for all the advice and help.

And YES, the spending is just begin'n. Toys always cost money, but I am
really excited about the idea of the Amel machine. My old Freedom was
comfortable but a real slow boat. I hope what I have read about the 54 is


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Hi again, Duncan,
Yes, Kristy was formerly Enchantment, and was on Lake Texoma on the OK/TX
border. It was wierd driving thru that scrub N. TX land and coming to the
top of a hill to see a huge lake in front of me. Kristy was one of many
large, ocean-going boats on the lake and not the largest by far. What a
shame, eh? Her previous owner bought a ranch in OK after sailing for 5
years and couldn't bring himself to part with her when his wife had had
enough of the cruising life.

On the subject of documentation, I registered her with the USCG, but not in
any state, since she wasn't ever in a state long enough to call it home. I
live in NC, but I've never had her in NC waters. I've been told that FL is
the only state that will insist that you pay FL taxes if you are there for
more than 6 months (I think). I did buy a new dink in MD and didn't declare
it there, but a year or so later I got a letter from the NC Dept. of Rev.
wanting me to pay NC taxes. I told them the dink had never been in NC, and
was in the Caribbean most of the time, but to get them to bite I would have
had to jump thru a lot of hoops, so I went ahead and paid the sales taxes.
I didn't register it in NC, and just have T/T Kristy painted where the
registration numbers would go...that seems to satisfy everyone so far
including twice boarded by the USCG on routine checks.

Maybe John and Ruth on MoonDog will share their experience in Cartagena,
Columbia. They apparantly found it a great place to get quality work done
at a very good price. I've been reticent to go there, given the bad press
and the fact that Cartagena is the only place in Col. that my insurance will
cover me. When I head West in a couple of years I'll bypass Venezuela and
Columbia unless they have gotten control of the violance in their waters.

Good luck with your new mistress, Duncan. She will ba source of great fun
and challenge and satisfaction. She will cost you more $ than you think she
will.....but she'll be worth every penny.

Bon Voyage,

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