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Jose_Luis Isasi

Thanks, Lars.

I always moor in the dozens of small beaches, anyway.
You can also moor within the San Antonio port, just go to the right, in front of the hotel beach.
But if you want to see something expensive, check on the Ibiza capital ports... :-)


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Hi Jose Luis

Ibiza is probably a nice and fun place, but being in the marina in San
Antonio has been the worst experience in my sailing career.

Although the marina is nice and well-kept it is also neighbor to the ferry
dock and when the ferry comes in and runs its generators all night you will
have absolutely no sleep.

It is also the highest priced marine I have ever visited � 148 Euro for one
night is absolutely outrageous.

But the bars and caf�s was great.

Enjoy you Med-sail. It is a wonderful sailing ground.


Santorin Salvagny #79

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Geez, man ! 16 knots !
Once I was at that speed in a 14 m catamaran (Fountaine Pajot).
I will look for 7m waves in the Med :-) when I go to Ibiza :-) in summer...


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Hi Luis,

thanks for the information.

I have similar experience with my engine.

I have that workshop manual, too.

Once I hit 16.4 knots surfing down a 7+ meter wave. That was a rarity.
However surfing big waves often gives me to 13+ knots. :-)


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Hi Geza,

The plans show a figure of 8,3 knots, but I have never reached this
However I can get 6 knots at 2500 rpm (I usually do not pass it from
rpm)on a flat sea.

In fact, I have only reached more than 8 knots surfing down a wave while
sailing in strong wind ...

I have the engine workshop manual scanned, and I will send the technical
data pages to your email.

Let me know if you need the whole package.

Jose Luis
Euros 41' Xalol

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recently I started a small project - painting the engine. I had small
leaks here and there so I removed some of the aux. things from the
And then I found a long crack on the exhaust maniford. I removed it and
found that the tube inside the maniford is so corroded that when I
it it fall apart.
The cost of a new maniford is approx 7000 NZD plus I would need quite
few other parts (including a new raw water pump) so this repair is
quite expensive.

So instead of repairing the old engine I am thingking about buying a
one. I already got information from Amel about the prop size (FYI 19x13
LH 35).
Now the dealer is asking me about the max RPM of my old engine. The
rev I ever had was about 3000 (entering an atoll against strong

My old eninge is the Volvo Penta MD21A with Borg Warner Transmission
(ratio 2.91)

So question #1: what was the max RPM you were using your engine?

Whenever I was motoring I was always running the engine at 2000 rpm
which gave me 5.5 knots or at 2200 around 6 knots, so I have no idea
speed at higher rpms. What about you?

Question#2: RPM vs Speed on flat sea?

SV Rotor

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