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Hi JL,

I found the outside and inside plans in the Xalol folder But on those plans I cant see any baffles in the fuel tank. There is in the water tank, though.


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Hi Geza,

The plan shows something that could be called baffles.

Check in the photos section. I can also send it to you if necessary.


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Hi Mauro,

I also have an Euros 41 and thinking about adding inspection holes to the fuel tanks. Do you remember if the tanks on the Euros has baffles inside?

SV Rotor
Auckland, New Zealand
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Hi maramu 48,
I'm afraid I cannot give many advices on a Maramu 46 (I think that's the right LOA), but I own an Euros 41 in which the diesel tanks were in stainless still nad built inside the hull without any kind of access. When I started having some leak problems I had to cut through the bottom of the locker covering them to cut an access port and eventually to cut them out of the boat. In my case I have been forced to rebuild them in Epoxy fbg integrally to the hull of the boat because of lack of room to fit the new ones back in.
I hope that is not your case, anyway good luck.
Euros #41

PS: In case you need I attached a inside plan of the Maramu 46, showing the position of the diesel tank.

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