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Dear Roy,
Is it safe to equalize sealed batteries. My concern is that water
boils off can not be added back.
Fair winds,
Hi Eric,
I originally contacted the Delphi distributor in Europe, located
in Holland, who gave me the technical specs for equalizing these
batteries. (voltage depends on ambient temperature). He recommended
monthly equalization. I only do it every 3 months or so, although
once I did it two months in a row. I equalized the first set of
batteries 8 times, without any problems. (That set lasted 5 years,
and were good when changed. I changed them before transatlantic).
I admit that the sound of boiling batteries is a bit unnerving,
but they don't get hot, and don't seem to lose their water/acid. Try
contacting Delphi to see what they think. I have found that most
battery "experts" recommend equalization to reduce sulfation. And it
is sulfation that kills batteries.
If the indicator on a Delphi battery is dark after charging,
that's a good sign that the battery is sulfated. After equalizing,
the indicator will turn green again.
BTW, before equalizing, batteries must be fully charged, and all
downstream loads removed to prevent damaging them with 32 volts. I
do it at night, with refrigeration, instruments, and lights etc.
off. Amperage is about 10 amps at start, tapering off to about 5-6
at end.

Regards, Roy
SM Excalibur #195

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