Water heater/softener

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I've read with interest and concern many of the postings re: calcium
buildup in the Amel water heater, and wintering in Almerimar, Spain,
where the water is extremely hard has made it even more of a
concern. I have what I hope will be a good long term solution. I
went to a large comercial hardware store here in Spain and purchased
a generic, cartridge-type filter holder, much like the one used in
the pre-filters for the water maker. I have used a water softening
cartridge filled with large blocks of salt, and simply strap it to
the rail with velcro and run the water at the dock through it when I
fill the tanks. The results are immediately noticable, and there is
no discernable salt taste to the water. A friend with the same setup
has used it for 3 months and still has what appears to be a full
salt cartridge. The total cost including an extra cartridge and hose
fittings was about 45 Euros. Much better than pulling the water

Fair winds,
Bill Sogno di Mare
SM2000 #404

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