Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] 110 volts

Ruth & John Martin <jjmartin24@...>

Hi Walter

Replying to your November email requesting info on inverter charger...we're in the Caribbean now and have been moving alot so sorry for the late reply.

The answer to some of your problems with the microwave is the European model of the Heart Interface Freedom 25. It is a 65 amp charger and puts out 220 volt 50 Hz on the inverter. It's nice because you dont have to turn on the gen set just to run the microwave for a few minutes.

I'm at the Amel dock in Guadaloupe now having a few things done and heading south soon - give me a call on 8104 SSB around 8 a.m. if you want to chat !

John Martin
SM 248 "Moon Dog"

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