Re: Super Maramu, Volvo TMD22A


Re Hanspeter: I never heard about running an
engine at full power every 15-20 hours. Are you saying
to run at approximately 3000 rpms? <br><br>We've had
a similar problem with the solenoid but not just
when it runs at idle. Even under load the soleoid was
intermittent, sometimes it worked, sometimes we had to cut it
off manually, no fun at night. I thought for a while
the switch was the problem and so ran a 12volt line
to the solenoid. It did activate, but did not stop
the engine every time. My belief is that the solenoid
is a bad design or the engine heat partially breaks
down the coil. I suspect it is much to sensitive for
the job it has to do. I just replaced mine. I'll post
my experience in a month or so.<br><br>1/2Lt. per
10hrs seems excellent to me.

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