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for those of you that have not yet paid the European VAT, you might be interested to know that Malta have agreed a special deal with the EU commissioners that is valid until the end of March this year. If you pay before then, you will only ever pay 5% of the surveyed value. This is a really good deal and I am going ahead with it on my new SM2000.

I enclose the copy of an email from S & D Yachts who are handling my application to pay. You may wish to contact Mr. Rowland Darmanin Kissaun on +356-213-20577 to discuss your particular case. You may also care to mention that I passed this on to you. It may help if you are not Malta flagged. I am.

Good luck!

Ian Shepherd

SM2000 "Crusader"

From: S&D Yachts
To: g4ljf@compuserve.com
Sent: Monday, January 05, 2004 5:09 PM
Subject: Fw: EU vat in Malta

Dear Ian,

Please note that it has been definitely established that the special concession for payment of vat is valid until the end of march 2004 at a special reduced rate of 5%.

What is obviously required for this purpose is the following:

a-The attached authority is to be signed by the owner of each yacht and sent back to us in its original form.
b-a photograph of each yacht showing her name and as much of the yacht as possible.
c-a certified copy of the certificate of registration of each yacht
d- if privately owned a copy of the passport of the owner and if company owned a copy of the memorandum and articles of association of the company.
e- confirmation where each yacht is lying and whether each owner can sail here before the end of march for us to make an official valuation of the craft or alternatively we will send somebody to inspect for valuation purposes.

It is preferable if the yacht is registered under the Malta Flag.

Thanks and regards;

Yours sincerely

F/Roland Darmanin Kissaun
S&D Yachts Ltd-Malta

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