Engine room fans

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M. Selo tells me that the reason the genset has its own fan is that there is a legislative requirement ( presumably United States of Europe law....oops! there speaks an Englishman...) that the engine must have independent ventilation , so that to link the genset to the engine room fans is verboten. However he goes on to say that even if the genset fan doesnt work , the genset does get enough air to function, something I can certainly vouch for.
Still, maybe it would still be simpler just to double up on the engine room fans? Ian . Pen Azen
PS On Volvo exhaust stain, apparently Chile is only self suficient as to 20 % of its oil. The rest it imports...from Venezuela. Can`t really figure it out , unless the Venezuelans only send the clean stuff to Chile and the dirty stuff to the Eastern Caribbean.Either way, I am pleased to say it continues to behave quite differently here with virtually no exhaust stain. However, our days of long distance motoring are probably now behind us for a while.The quiet stuff extends from Panama down to about 30 S. We are now in Valparaiso with about 400 miles to go to get to the area S of Puerto Montt which we want to cruise for a couple of seasons. but the navtext is forecasting 30-40 knot Southerlies about 100 miles from here and a boat that left two days ago had 50 knots. And this is their summer!There must be something that needs doing on the boat that will keep us in port for a while longer, though I am pleased to say that I can`t think of anything right now.

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