A Relay from Rob Brennan

Ian Shepherd <g4ljf@...>

To the Amel Network: Greetings!

I have been an observer member of your group for many yearning years. And am about to graduate as an owner member. I'm excited and a little daunted. The boat, Signore dei Mari is lying Antalya, and very soon to become Australian owned. She has been Swiss owned (and very loved since launch in 1989/90.

So hello SuperMaramu and Mediterrranean sailors. Can you help me please with:

1. location of best slipway services and prices in the eastern Med

2. location of best marina prices

3. best underwriting of SuperMaramus at value for money prices

4. names and manufacturers of best antifouling paints available in Europe/Turkey

5. do you treat diesel for fungi and bacteria in Europe

6. And I would welcome any and all advice and recommedations relevant to my finalising my purchase. In anticipation - thank you and best regards.

My direct contact is brennan@webone.com.au

Best regards from downunder,

Rob Brennan

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