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Hi Terry, we replaced our 10 years plus rigging here in Australia, the guys did it at the Marina Berth without removing the masts which I found quite impressive. My only criticism was the lack of knowledge with tension where there does not seem to be any information available. That said, we watched the performance regularly with minor adjustments. We have sailed to Vanuatu and the Torres Islands since experiencing winds 35-40 knots with no problems. Additionally, we purchased sails from Super Sails from there in the States and had them shipped out, they have all the measurements for the Amel and I found their service excellent, the product quality outstanding. I dealt with Zach there who is very helpful and seems to know his profession.

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Barry and Robyn
Tradewinds III SM 171

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As a sailmaker I would encourage you to not rely on factory dimensions except for the purpose of obtaining quotes on sails. It's always best to measure the rig for new sails. That said, Amel is probably far better than most builders when it comes to providing records. If nothing else I'd check with Joel Potter to see how other owners have fared if the rig dimensions weren't verified.

I'd be happy to converse with you off-list if you have any questions about measuring rigs for new sails or why we care so much about doing so.

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Can anyone provide the factory sail dimensions for SM 53?
Are there any recommendations on replacement, i.e replace with standard measurements versus modified sail pan?
Does anyone have experience with replacing standing rigging and the costs associated with doing so.
My wife and I are close to parting with our Westsail 32 (SV Liberate) and becoming an Amel owner.

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